AlterSmoke Liège Belle-Île

Centre Commercial Belle-Île
Quai des Vennes 1 4020 Liège
  • Lundi 10h00-19h00
  • Mardi 10h00-19h00
  • Mercredi 10h00-19h00
  • Jeudi 10h00-19h00
  • Vendredi 10h00-20h00
  • Samedi 10h00-19h00
  • Dimanche Fermé
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Arrêt Liège Belle-île / Pont de Belle-île
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AlterSmoke Liège Belle-Île
jose even
Le 09 juillet 2020
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Je recommande vivement
pascal scheen
Le 28 juin 2020
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Marielle Botte
Le 06 février 2020
star star star star star
Personne très sympa et de bon conseil
sharé matjo
Le 30 octobre 2018
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Personnel très sympa. Très à l'écoute et professionnel. Vendeuse souriante et donne de très bon conseil. Qualité des produits impeccable!
didier luc
Le 09 mars 2019
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fortement déconseillé déjà que il raconte n importe quoi juste pour vendre et en plus il balance les site qui vende du matos par jalousie le petit vapoteur ses eu plus les autres qu il on balancé.donc évité cette boutique il son le top il engage du personnel qui raconte par exemple que la box ses 1 an de garantie,vire le vendeur ca qui leur permet en cas de souci de dire que l ancien vendeur a été viré donc la garantie es nulle,temps que vous avez pas de souci ca va mais au premier truc, bien sur ne font aucun geste commercial perso vais leur faire une réputation mega pourrie.vraiment une belle bande d arnaqueur.
muriel henrion
Le 09 septembre 2022
star star star star star
Personally, I find the saleswoman Alessia super helpful as well as her colleague Maxence, nothing to say, always good advice, I hope they will still be around for a long time.
Samir Kheloui
Le 31 mai 2022
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Never again this store. They sell me an electronic cigarette that they tell me is very good. I go back once to say that I have liquid in my mouth every time I shoot, the guy tells me it doesn't matter. As a result, I cough even more than when I smoked and I have an unpleasant aftertaste of liquid in my mouth. A week later I go there for a battery problem that he replaces me. I think it's a bit much I ask to be reimbursed or replaced by another model, refusal. In short, after two weeks I find myself with a cigarette that I will no longer use and I hope that the amount of liquid ingested will not make me sick.
Catherine Millan-chenoix
Le 30 mars 2022
star star star star star
Very commercial and really friendly! I was served as the seller was about to leave. In addition, He welcomed me with a smile even though I arrived so late (7:00 p.m.) Thanks!
Fili Zen
Le 27 avril 2021
star star star star star
First of all, I would like to thank Allessia for her kindness, her listening and her patience. She took the time to advise me on the purchase and explained to me how the cigarette works. I highly recommend, you can go there with your eyes closed.
Philippe Polet
Le 25 mars 2021
star star star star star
Very well received and informed with patience and sympathy. Very satisfied with my purchase having followed the advice. I'm going back soon to stock up . I recommend without hesitation.
Fifi -malokay-
Le 30 décembre 2022
star star star star star
Personally, I haven't been to the Belle Ile store yet, but I've already been to the Médiacité store, and frankly... super helpful, friendly, good advice. Very happy with my purchases. I truly recommend it to you.
Mike Piette
Le 24 janvier 2023
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Unpleasant shopkeeper, downright the impression of disturbing them ... And moreover their fault no longer possible to order in France .. Thank you band of thieves
Bryan delen
Le 23 juillet 2023
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The person was no nicer than that but let's move on... the prices are not displayed and so I was paid 26 euros for a 50 ml tube with a small bottle of nicotine (I looked at the price on the internet, it was 5 euros and 8 with shipping costs) in general for the same order I pay 16 euros from honest sellers.
marielle botte
Le 04 juillet 2023
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Now the store is called vaposhop and the staff is very knowledgeable and friendly.
Manon Bollé
Le 02 décembre 2023
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Very disapointed. There is a real problem with inventory management, so I often don't have the products I need, and with communication between sellers apparently. It was also complicated to replace my electronic cigarette which was clearly defective. Moreover, 3-month guarantees are illegal in Belgium (law of 01/11/2004). For service, if you come across the friendly and helpful seller, great! Otherwise... Good luck. At least for me, it's over, I was patient enough.