AlterSmoke Le Douaire

Avenue du Douaire 2 1340 Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve
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AlterSmoke Le Douaire
Laurent dieriçkx
Le 24 décembre 2019
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J'y suis allez aujourd'hui car mes magasin habituelle fermé.. Que dire on vois les produit derrière un comptoirs j demande alors un arôme fruité de préférence , la personne qui m'as servi n'as pas l'air de connaitre beaucoup car elle me lis les étiquettes, et certaine elle ne savait pas ce que c'étais (pas très pro) , j'aurais bien aimé qu'on me propose au moins de les sentir mais on m'as dis qu'il étais fermé ... mis a a part ça la personne étais souriante.
John Stevens
Le 18 octobre 2018
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Très bon magasin! Grand choix, personnel sérieux!
Alex Irsuto
Le 03 décembre 2018
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Beaucoup de choix à petits prix ! J’ai arrêté la cigarette depuis 3 mois grâce à eux ! Je recommande TOTALEMENT.
Ingo Schuster
Le 29 janvier 2019
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Sehr netter junger Mann hinter der Theke hat mein Leben "gerettet" . Mein cool war verbrannt und er hatte einen Ersatz da...
laurent decoster
Le 02 avril 2019
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Pas mon magasin préféré mais on peut trouver son bonheur
Maïté Teixeira De Pinho
Le 05 octobre 2022
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What an obstacle course to find equipment that suits me and advice, real advice. I bought a device which after a few days was defective (significant leaks), I returned to the store where they kept my device for a few hours to return it to me, saying that there was no problem. In the following days the problem was still present, my device leaks constantly, whether I use it or not. After researching test sites, I discovered that the device in question is very well known for this problem. So I go back to the store where I am offered to keep my device for a period of up to 3 weeks. I have photos, lots of photos showing the flows but I am told: "you can imagine that we cannot take all our customers at their word". After two weeks they call me to tell me that the device is available and that after tests it does not leak. I am therefore asked to take the person's word for it when the reverse is not possible... I went to several stores to get all the information possible, to end up going to France where the estate seems more pro. There I am told that my device is indeed no longer for sale because it is well known for the stated concern, that the resistances, the proportions of my liquids, nothing is adapted to my way of smoking. I do not thank the brand for the lack of seriousness, the absence of listening and the time spent looking for what would suit me to be able to quit smoking. In almost any brand, when a device is defective, it is replaced. Why issue a warranty if I end up getting a device that doesn't work twice I lost money, I lost time because of a lack of professionalism.
Marie Rose KRUYTS
Le 03 septembre 2022
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Hello. I bought 2 tips. I wanted to change a mouthpiece on the outside and it did not conform to the electronic cigarette purchased from you. I went into the Shop to tell the saleswoman. She said there are no refunds. Am very disappointed and in fact she didn't seem to know anything about it.
David S
Le 06 octobre 2018
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I went. This is a shop for beginners at maddening prices. They are somewhat in the same vein as mac or nespresso. . Unnecessarily expensive to make it a luxury product.