AlterSmoke Carrefour Berchem

Avenue Charles Quint 560 1082 Berchem-Sainte-Agathe
  • Lundi 10h00-13h30 - 14h00-19h00
  • Mardi 10h00-13h30 - 14h00-19h00
  • Mercredi 10h00-13h30 - 14h00-19h00
  • Jeudi 10h00-13h30 - 14h00-19h00
  • Vendredi 10h00-13h30 - 14h00-19h00
  • Samedi 10h00-13h30 - 14h00-19h00
  • Dimanche Fermé
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AlterSmoke Carrefour Berchem
Mathilde Opdebeeck
Le 13 août 2020
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Nous venons d'y aller et honnêtement personnel très antipathique et qui ne s'y connaît absolument pas !! Je ne recommande pas du tout
M.R. B.
Le 13 février 2019
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UPDATE: La boutique a déménagé (à 5m) et a désormais beaucoup plus de choix! C'est agréable!
Aline Ackermans
Le 04 avril 2020
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Personnel très compétent ! Ils se décarcassent pour trouver le produit qui vous convient, pour trouver des solutions aux problèmes qui peuvent parfois se poser. Impeccable
Gerald Dziechciarek
Le 12 juin 2020
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Rapidité de service et gentillesse extrême de Nicolas qui s est démené pour réparer ma machine... encore merci !
Le 29 septembre 2019
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manque 1 flacon de nicotine après re-calcul (j'avais demandé 6mg). peu de connaissance des produits qu'ils vendent. si ça ferme dans 15 minutes, n'espérez pas un conseil. deuxième fois que je vais là, c'était la dernière.
Fabrice Dumont
Le 10 décembre 2022
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Very friendly welcome, dynamic seller, always very good advice. The choice of products to vape is vast. Thanks :-)
nicolas p
Le 27 mai 2022
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Not very welcoming, no smile, whispered, impression of disturbing each time. Convenient because very close to my home but I think I would do a few more kilometers for my future purchases, too bad….
Angelo Ovidiu
Le 12 août 2022
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I passed on a Friday around 3:30 pm and there was no one there, looks like they went on a break and never came back. Shame.
Kev Wara
Le 14 décembre 2021
star star star star star
Great service. No regrets concerning my purchases as well as the follow-up of the advice given to me recently as to the machine or the products that would suit me best. Delighted throughout, it is with great pleasure that I would make it my regular supplier. The slightly higher prices compared to what can be found elsewhere, all on an average (to be specified), are largely justified seeing the quality of the service, the products, and the follow-up when there is a problem. We don't push to buy, but to find what suits us best, very pleasant.
sharp Dus
Le 13 mai 2023
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Be careful, these people are unprofessional opportunists who flirt with illegality. You will find precarious and unstable employees there who do not provide a receipt on the pretext of the email version. As for the sav… I advise you to go directly to the ombudsman.
David Leeson
Le 05 juin 2023
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Very nice welcome. The seller explained everything to me. Best service.
Anissa Mans
Le 10 novembre 2022
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You put that you are open on your site except that I went yesterday and today and you are closed. No matter how much we ring the phone, no one answers. It would have saved me the trip.
Geo Geo
Le 05 septembre 2023
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Mari Adb
Le 18 septembre 2023
star star star star star
Super nice and smiling seller. He was able to find the problem with my vape by giving me maintenance advice. I recommend it with my eyes closed
alexia keymolen
Le 26 octobre 2023
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It would be time to update the site because the store no longer exists!!! Traveling for nothing is great, thank you!
Mikaël Ramboux
Le 31 octobre 2023
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This is no longer an Alter Smoke store!!! Update from 10/31/23: After several messages on my personal accounts on social networks, I must warn you that if you leave a negative comment on this store, you risk being harassed by the store owner so that you change your comment and rating!!!! So in addition to having an empty store, only 1 choice of mini pod, I also asked for an Apple product and the first response from the saleswoman was that they didn't have any. So she checked her book before realizing that in fact they had several. Then a little friendly advice, if your store changes its name, you would do well to change your website too... for 3 years! So it seems that the owner is devoid of logic, is this really the best way to deal with a dissatisfied customer Message to the attention of this gentleman: STOP YOUR COMMENTS ON MY PHOTOS AND MESSAGES WITH YOUR HARASSING COMMENTS! OTHERWISE I WILL FILE A COMPLAINT TO THE POLICE!