AlterSmoke Artigues (près-Bordeaux)

2 Avenue Descartes 33370 Artigues-près-Bordeaux
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Votre magasin AlterSmoke Artigues-près-Bordeaux vous propose une large gamme de produits du vapotage : e-cigarettes rechargeables, cigarettes électroniques jetables (Wpuff) e-Liquides fabriqués en France, accessoires, batteries et chargeurs, étuis… Toutes les nouveautés et grands classiques sont là !

Forts de leur expertise, nos conseillers vous accueillent afin de vous guider dans le choix de votre cigarette électronique (Vaporesso, Innokin, Voopoo, Eleaf, Justfog…), d'un e-Liquide (T-Juice, Vampire Vape, Fruizee, AlterSmoke…) ou d’accessoires de Vape.

La boutique de cigarettes électroniques AlterSmoke se situe sur l’avenue Virecourt, une des grandes artères d’Artigues.

Les conseillers de vente AlterSmoke, Franck et Mélissandre, sont à votre écoute, du Lundi au Samedi de 9h00 à 19h00 : il n'y a plus qu'à se laisser guider.
Toute l'équipe AlterSmoke est prête à vous accueillir et répondre à toutes vos questions sur la cigarette électronique.

L'équipe Altersmoke Artigues (près-Bordeaux)
 Altersmoke Artigues (près-Bordeaux)
Conseiller Alter Smoke
Profil & Background

Franck maitrise parfaitement le domaine de la vape, et mettra son savoir à votre service pour vous guider dans votre choix de votre cigarette électronique et e-Liquide.

Aime : Les liquides gourmands.

N'aime pas : Les liquides trop frais.

Matériel préféré
Box Gaur 21 / Juggerknot V2
E-liquide préféré
 Altersmoke Artigues (près-Bordeaux)
Conseillère Alter Smoke
Profil & Background

Mélissandre sera à votre écoute et toujours avec le sourire :=)

Aime : Les liquides fruités et l'humour :)

N'aime pas : Les liquides gourmands et frais, et le froid :(

Matériel préféré
Aegis Solo 2 / Zus et Gen 200 / Sakerz
E-liquide préféré
Breezer, La Fraise du Jardin, Le Fou
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Offre spéciale AlterSmoke
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Ouvertures exceptionnelles
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star star star star star 310 Avis 4,8 Tous les avis
AlterSmoke Artigues (près-Bordeaux)
hicham eddrissi
Le 01 septembre 2020
star star star star star
Très bon accueil et très bons conseils. Matériel de qualité.
Veronique Peret
Le 15 juin 2020
star star star star star
Produits de qualité et accueil agréable. Ma vapotte étant vieillissante, j'en ai acheté une autre, et à ma grande surprise il y avait un réservoir ainsi que des petits joints de rechange. Du jamais vu avant. Je recommande vivement.
Le 17 juin 2020
star star_border star_border star_border star_border
Antipathique, ne vous regarde même pas quand vous parlez, ne répond pas au tel, tout sauf commerçant. La boutique est un aquarium de fumée de vapote (tjs porte fermée). Les anciens propriétaires manquent ! A proscrire absolument!
fred dhalluin
Le 23 mai 2020
star star star star star
Tres bon accueil et très bon conseils, produits de qualité et bon. merci
Amel Pulpetita
Le 18 février 2020
star star star star_border star_border
On sent que le sujet est maîtrisé. Toutefois je n'ai senti la transmission ni très pédagogue ni très sympathique. Je suis repartie sans rien.
KingZeff 666
Le 05 septembre 2022
star star star star star
Very warm welcome, the answers to my questions are immediate and explicit. Very good product selection. I like the possibility of creating my own mixtures with good advice. I visited several shops, this one is the good one… Yes I recommend
Le 25 octobre 2022
star star star star star
Small store but well stocked!! Advice and choice well present in this place, if you need they are there!! E liquid are of French quality and manufacture The boss is super nice and always full of humor
Le 18 octobre 2022
star star star star star
Great advice and welcome thanks to Franck who is very attentive and really friendly, a real pro and a great tradesman. The products are of high quality with a wide choice, there is something for everyone. Always a pleasure to go to the store when you are so well served.
Christine Boavida
Le 23 novembre 2022
star star star star star
Great welcome. Thanks to Franck and Mélissandre for their kindness. He advises you on the products that may suit you takes the time to explain to you a small shop, but a large choice. Thanks to them I wanted advice
rahima samia
Le 12 septembre 2022
star star star star star
I have been a customer since the opening and I highly recommend. Franck who has always received me (with a smile! This is not always the case elsewhere) is very friendly and always gives very good advice. They have good quality products at reasonable prices. So friends vapers, vapers the right address is Alter Smoke
Sarah Chaboche
Le 25 mai 2023
star star star star star
First visit to this store, very warm welcome. The gentleman who received me was very pleasant and gave me excellent advice. It's nice to be received by people who enjoy doing their job. Big thumbs up
Bianca Guerganova
Le 03 juin 2023
star star star star star
We are used to going to this shop, it suits us perfectly. The staff is very welcoming and knows how to guide us properly. I recommend
Aurelien Bizet
Le 02 juin 2023
star star star star star
A pleasure to come to this shop where good humor reigns. Melissandre and Franck have a bac+12, suddenly they speak a little Chinese for me with all the references they offer but the quality of service is at the appointment and we can trust them. During my first visit, the product I had chosen did not ultimately suit my way of smoking, they exchanged my items for me without any problem. Negative point anyway, they are also open between noon and 2 . See you soon
Le 08 juin 2023
star star star star star
Great experience. Advisors really listen. If you want to switch to the electronic cigarette I recommend the place you will have the solution that meets your needs!
sandra beccaccia
Le 04 avril 2023
star star star star star
First experience in this shop, really great! Very good advice, and very kind Would definitely come back! Thanks again
Ludo Rozes
Le 26 juillet 2023
star star star star star
Welcome and perfect advice. For beginners or those who wish to quit smoking, don't hesitate, let Franck and his colleagues guide you. Wide variety of quality products. I recommend 1000%
Indy Vape
Le 06 juillet 2023
star star star star star
Shop and manager very welcoming. Listening to the customer! We find there the true passion of the vape is it is a real pleasure. Go there with your eyes closed you will not be disappointed. +++
Charlene Veilleroy
Le 23 juin 2023
star star star star star
Very good store with a large selection. The team is really on top and knows how to take the time with each client. The manager is wonderful. I recommend ++
Sylvie Bachelet
Le 07 août 2023
star star star star star
Very well received. Very nice owner and really knows his stuff. He gave me very good advice. I will continue to go to his shop from now on where there is a very large choice.
cloufou fou
Le 08 août 2023
star star star star star
First visit for a first electronic cigarette. Perfectly advised. Took into account my needs and expectations without thinking of selling for the sake of selling. We feel that their goal is that the customer comes out satisfied with his purchase in the long term. Prefer to sell an inexpensive but suitable e-cigarette rather than a more expensive model that will not fit. I will return without hesitation for the purchase of consumables. welcome +++, listening+++, satisfaction +++ Thank you so much !
Isabelle Viaud
Le 25 août 2023
star star star star star
Very friendly staff, welcoming and available to help us make the right choice. And as a bonus, they always have the and a kind word..!!!
Pierre Femenia
Le 29 août 2023
star star star star star
Very welcoming and very good advice on the choice of my new cigarette which I am very satisfied with. He was able to identify my need and sell me the perfect product. In addition, he is very efficient and helpful when you pick up the e-liquid and atomizer refills :). And always with a smile and a good mood. I recommend :)
Celine Guerin
Le 16 septembre 2023
star star star star star
I highly recommend, I am a loyal customer and always well advised, the staff always finds a solution to my requests, very good advice, very professional and always with a smile, always takes the time with these customers. Many thanks again to you.
Aurélie vilo
Le 03 octobre 2023
star star star star star
For the time that I have been looking for vaping professionals, well I found them and I thank them, thanks to Franck and Melissandre since last May 8 I no longer smoke, I smoked two packs of Gauloises Blondes per day, and everything stopped suddenly ✊. Great advice, directs you to the right equipment and are not there to sell it's selling like most I know so a huge THANK YOU when you really take the time it takes and thanks to you I win my fight my health and money THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU see you soon aurelie CHIGNAT
Vanessa Moi
Le 14 octobre 2023
star star star star star
Very warm welcome, very friendly sellers, knowledgeable (I am new to vaping), a wide choice of products. I left completely satisfied with my purchase. I highly recommend !
Jérôme Louis-Sidney
Le 26 octobre 2023
star star star star star
Great shop. Very good advice from the seller who will not sell you the most expensive product but the one best suited to your style of vaping. Great diversity of choice. I recommend for beginners and experienced players. Thanks to Frank for the welcome.
Jimmy Varenne
Le 24 novembre 2023
star star star star star
Very pleasant seller with excellent advice without pushing for consumption. I highly recommend
Fourel 33
Le 27 novembre 2023
star star star star star
Top team... They know their job and don't push for the most expensive. Very educational, I know that if I have the slightest problem I will be supported in this cessation of smoking and vaping. Well done and thank you Muriel
Marina BJ
Le 06 décembre 2023
star star star star star
This store deserves its good reviews, I recommend it 100%. Coming in disaster for the first time following an incident with my vape, Franck took the time necessary to find a solution to my problem. Very good manager who masters his subject, in addition to being accommodating and very friendly. Nothing better to build customer loyalty.
Sandrine Labedade
Le 14 décembre 2023
star star star star star
What to say ! Real listening, wise and reliable advice, tailored proposals! And beyond that, always a smile, and always very available, thank you, it's a pleasure every time you visit!
Margot Sarrat
Le 06 janvier 2024
star star star star star
The owners are very nice, give very good advice, they don't try to sell the most expensive things to make you consume but only what you need, I highly recommend, a new customer won over!
Guillou Amelie
Le 05 janvier 2024
star star star star star
Great shop, I knew absolutely nothing about electronic cigarettes, the seller explained everything to me precisely and I was able to find what suited me perfectly
Le 19 janvier 2024
star star star star star
Great team, a welcome with a smile, good advice according to your needs, choice with reasonable prices, a friendly shop..The manager is a real professional..I recommend 100%
Killian Fretiere
Le 19 janvier 2024
star star star star star
I highly recommend this store, I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Franck who was able to guide me on the choices of electronic cigarettes as well as on the products. A big thank-you !!
Le 27 janvier 2024
star star star star star
Firstly, the team was helpful and provided information to customers. They stepped up with solutions regardless of the problem. The products are well-designed/quality and have a vast stock of liquids. Overall, it was a great experience. Give it a try! ✌️cool staff!
Thomas Duarte
Le 31 janvier 2024
star star star star star
Having been a loyal customer for over a year, often served by Franck, this store is really great. The staff is friendly, good advice at each visit, whether on consumables, but also on equipment, adapted to everyone's needs. The prices are fair, loyalty service and very practical opening hours, even just at closing, Alter Smoke is always ready to kindly welcome you! I recommend
Lili-rose Beaudouin
Le 01 février 2024
star star star star star
I highly recommend this vapeshop. Wide choice of e-liquid, expertise and quality advice. A store where Franck and his colleagues take the time to satisfy their customers, even the most novice. Go for it.
karine robreau
Le 16 février 2024
star star star star star_border
Very attentive team to give appropriate advice... for over a year vaping and always wanting to smoke, I have tried several shops, vapes, products and they are the only ones who have worked well for me oriented. Plus they are smiling and warm!!
John Lvl
Le 02 mars 2024
star star star star star
Very professional, very pleasant and accommodating team! If there is one vaping store I can recommend, it’s this one
christophe plaisant
Le 19 mars 2024
star star star star star
This will create loyalty in this store with a wide choice... The welcome is pleasant, It's cool to know that we are in good hands. I go there with confidence in the few shops that I have been able to visit, for me it is the most professional and accommodating...
Laurent BORDET
Le 04 avril 2024
star star star star star
I highly recommend the store! It's been over 9 months since I switched to electronic cigarettes thanks to them! Good equipment, good products and above all good advice! See you soon