AlterSmoke Carrefour Auderghem

Boulevard du Souverain 240 1160 Auderghem
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AlterSmoke Carrefour Auderghem
Pierre alain Varsen
Le 20 mai 2019
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Pas mal de choix de liquides, du diy, des box puissantes ou des petites ecigs avec tirage cigarette, des potes,... Perso j'y achète mes gourmands.
Jean-Paul Cailloux
Le 27 novembre 2019
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Thomas Virone
Le 27 mai 2019
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Sofiane Martin
Le 10 mai 2019
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aixrs Rs
Le 08 décembre 2022
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Welcoming and friendly staff. Unfortunately the e-liquids which are at 5.50 are absolutely not of good quality.. not very pronounced taste, almost no smoke came out of my vape. And not very pleasant at the level of the throat. I am modifying my comment because you are in bad faith. There is only 1 page of e-liquid for 10ml. So very little choice. In terms of taste, of course, it is unique to everyone, but do not confuse taste with not tasting anything;) When you smoke the e-liquid that is sold at woluwe shopping, you can see that the quality is not there for you. Being quickly tired of the taste I did not see myself taking 50/100ml. Then remember that already in terms of quality we are on 80PG / 20VG outside the woluwe shopping we find there 50PG / 50VG SO MORE PLANT MATTER. And come from Belgium in + therefore of better quality indeed. And on top of that €4.95. Foreign e-liquids therefore have no business here since we have purchased products that come from HASSELT. Just bad times, I went back to woluwe shopping to get some tastes all the same. Well, I just wanted to be honest. 11€ there BINS. I STRONGLY NOT RECOMMEND!!!! The liquids always filled with you unlike those from woluwe which I have already started well given the good quality.
Franklin V
Le 08 décembre 2022
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Good equipment and pretty friendly staff. The store is in the Carrefour gallery opposite the checkouts, it's super practical! I find everything I need there, there are the biggest brands and for a small store the assortment is really complete. They've been there for several years and I'm always happy to go!
Anne Depièreux
Le 10 décembre 2022
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Very nice shop where you can find a multitude of products. There is something for every taste. The seller is very nice and always has good advice to guide us in our choices. He is also very attentive. I will definitely go back! I recommend !
Ingrid Amand
Le 09 décembre 2022
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Just on top! Meet our expectations, quality material and the choice is there! As for the staff, always pleasant and take the time to give clear explanations. I recommend ☺️
David (Moonchild)
Le 08 décembre 2022
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Nice shop, always well advised, There is something for everyone (10ml, 50ml, 100ml DIY etc...) If a product (equipment / liquid) is not offered in the store, the guys struggle to find it .